Saturday, September 16, 2017

Endings and Beginnings

It has been a while since my last post. Over this past year I have struggled to not have politics be part of every one of my conversations even though I have been pretty whipped up about what is going on in the world and here in the U.S. For the most part I failed - so I have kept quiet with my on-line space. I have spared you all that ranting. Then too...

I was also pretty busy with my book arts. I was on the curating team for the Puget Sound Book Artists this year as lead curator for the first themed exhibition. Now that the final survey is out for response my duties have nearly ended. I am glad to say it all turned out well. Here are a few pics.





The banners in the display area



The flat cases are hard to photograph.


We had a great turn out - some folks are out of camera - off to the food buffet around the corner.

A few of the thank you gifts.

While all this was going on my husband and I tackled a few projects:
We replaced the 6 raised beds - only 8 yards of soil to fill them!
Supposedly what doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?
I lost track on how many wheel barrow loads it took. 

With that accomplishment under our retirement project belt we thought "why not build a shed?" 

So - we did, but wait, first we had to build a deck. 

This required a good deal of supervision from the country folk. 
They would come out in ones and two, three on occasion. 
I quite liked it when they stood on their heels to see from the higher perspective. 

The first deck begat the second deck or what you might call the
gangplank over to my studio.
There are no rules unless you make them, right?

 OMG! I have never seen so much screwing. 
We should have taken out stock in the screw company.
Every joist, beam and stud had to have the fancy self screwing gold plated ones.
Its recycled wood, mind you! 

The whole thing required lots of breaks for "thinking about it".
And there were a naps too.
Yes, it was I who said there was no deadlines.
I was held to it.

It also required lots of sorting, painting and flipping boards over and over...

Finally we were able to get serious and open the box of tinker toy parts
fitting a to b and c to d. 

It looked just like a tinker toy too.

 I was beginning to be a little concerned as we left that extra length on the uprights
rather than saw them to the proper length per instructions.
The dang thing is now 10 tall and wobbles like a willow branch.
Saints alive we are insane or what? 

We opted for a painted canvas roof because we didn't think the roof
would hold us up to put anything else on. Ha....

But no worries once the wall boards were on it started to look real.
By the time trim was put on and the excess canvas cut off
it was starting to look even better. 
Of course our trifocals were steamed up
because we have had the warmest, driest summer on record. 
I mean really, we were just trying to make it like a camp anyway.

But once we got the barn door on the tinker toy shed was starting to look pretty spiffy. 

The windows will just have to wait until next spring or summer.
We are buttoned up for winter's arrival. We are out of steam.
We do have some old clear stain glass windows which need a bit of work.
This little project may turn out to be pretty darn cute once it is finally completed. 
I hope our youthful selves will find freedom to play inside. 
I hope it will be like the craft lodge at girl scout camp
(camp Amahami in New York). 
I call this place the Raven's Lodge.
For if you believe in universal messaging you may find it 
 significant that as we constructed and hung the barn door
two ravens tak-tak'd over head. 
Ravens are rare around here. Two is unheard of.
I am pretty sure it will stay 
"Raven's Lodge"

Now, just at the other end of the board walk is 
the Crow's Nest. 
(My Studio)
Back in behind - under the tent tarp is the campfire area. 
Can't wait till the fire burn is lifted!
We don't need a lake to complete the tableau...
there's the cow's watering tub (an old claw foot bath tub)
left from our farming days
if anyone wants to take a dip.

So, when the world of humans gets to you as it did me... 
remember to go out into nature, find the child within and then just play. 

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  1. I can totally understand why you would not want to talk about politics from what we see and here up here it would be hard to put ones opinion into words.I to have not been posting on my blog,day to day life just doesn't seem that interesting.We have been very dry here also with fire banns.Finally had a good rain here today our first since July.I would love to stay in Raven Lodge looks amazing.I have raven pics all over my studio we see them quite often around here.
    I am sending you some web address these women do fantastic photo and painting of Raven's have a look and enjoy take care gaye