Sunday, January 12, 2014

The quiet practice of play

Quiet practice

 Till one speaks to me

In the process of play discoveries are made.
Fun items for Puget Sound Book Arts silent auction.
 Wish Papers
could be used at any time of year
when there is a need for prayer, a mighty wish, a blessing

In celebration of 2014
The Year of the Horse -
a Paper Horse is created
out of sticks, masking tape, sumi scraps
 and crinkle packing paper.

The book: Wind, Sand, and Stars
and then the idea to make a horse tail brush...
I have no horse.
Ah... I use my locks
preserved after the last cutting.
Apparently it has a natural curl?
With practice it makes lovely circles.
It becomes a meditation practice.
In the month of Capricorn an old friend returns to grace an old book.