Friday, October 28, 2016

Nature's suminigashi

We have been back 2 weeks now. Unfortunately I got caught up in the American version of Game of Thrones - our current political nightmare. If I have one hair on my head left it will be amazing.

I try hard to remember our adventure. We traveled 7,108 miles, visited 13 states and collected 8 capitols. We saw some beautiful parks and rocks and sights. Nature out did herself in Tahquamenon Fall in Michigan. I loved the falls....

But the designs created by the tannin foams were equally beautiful and delightful...

We rented a flat bottom boat. It was hard to contain my delight. 

We looked like a whirly gig twisting and turning to get each shot. 


And then it got thicker.... 


A bit like the foam on a mocha latte. 
It was amazing. 
Nature's version of suminagashi. 
And me without any paper to dip! Dang!