Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amid the chaos

Amid the Chaos of life's tumult, the ups and downs and go-arounds... let us remember the only peace we may know personally is the one we make for ourselves. I remind myself to Be Calm so the space for peace opens up.


Monday, October 15, 2012


The first rains of the season started on Saturday just as I was leaving the Paper Trail sale. They have been so late this year, there can be no complaining about it. As I looked through the blur I spotted a rainbow. I took it to be a good sign.

Sunday arrived with clouds and a brisk breeze. It was walk weather, however by the time we made it to Flaming Geyser it was raining. Big blurpy rain drops.  No worries- we have extra large umbrellas.

Unfortunately it was too wet to go scuffling in the leaves.

So we continued on our way traveling down back roads past the pumpkin patch and corn maze to the farm stand for the autumn harvest foods. Who would have thought the best bargains would be the huge artichokes and fresh pinapples. Go figure!

It's my time of year!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Abounding opportunities!
It has been a busy month since I last wrote. Once a week there was rowing on the Verite and rowing in Tacoma's first Moon Festival.There was a hike to Burroughs Mtn. on the Sunrise side of Mt Rainier, kayaking twice, and we went to Port Townsend for a night on the town. And that was just in my spare time outside of work. In addition I have been to Seattle for, what I believe was a first time in Seattle, a project called "Zerolandfill." Yes, giggle, I brought home a box load of fabric samples and odd bits of this and that... but it was FREE! Wow! when architects clean out! I have already made something with one swatch. Okay, so I don't have any clue how I am going to use it all but then maybe I will trick or treat with it. You know, ring the door bell of someone who I know crafts, and then run like the dickens down the street. It could be dangerous - with bifocals and 2 left feet.

I also have been preparing for a sale called Paper Trails at King's Books in Tacoma on Oct 13. It started off with just desire to sell our Verite cards, then it grew into adding a few of my own things (a couple of books, some prints, and photographs). As you can see it morphed into something bigger. Next I needed a stand and now it is all about the display part. This is how it should look if all goes well. I have 3 feet in which to 'do my thing.' Regardless it is all about opportunity and zen. A perfect time to practice being in the moment of quiet surrender of what will be.

Verite is the gig I row on - she's a beauty.
Here's our blogspot telling all about her.

See the stack of fabric? Silks, wools, leatherettes - all the cast off's of Seattle's best.
 Add a little rusted paper and you have a book.
Check this out:

I don't know how the forces of metal, vinegar, salt and tea bags made that sweet little heart,
but I am taking it as a good sign.