Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New studio, new projects

What a month! I have been settling into my new studio which I call "The Crow's Nest." I have practically worn out the brand new rug swiveling around in my chair to check out my wall of cubbies and then swiveling back to my table. Round and round I go - smiling the whole time, all the while enjoying the windows and all that light. I laugh now thinking how I kept moving things here and there - just like a female bird, my husband said. It must have been a sight. Really, I can't put much more in my nest... its pretty small. I hope I can still squeeze in my large sheets of paper. I mean what is a book maker without paper nearby? Where will it go? I am not sure, but the good news is the muse is in and ready to work. In fact, she and I have already started to create. The current projects are on the side desk... they are photo books and paper sculptures meant to be shown together. The theme is - Intertidal. All I will say is the muse had a wild hair thing going on this past month and a phone book was involved. Then she wanted to rust some paper- not little paper but big paper, and paint tissue paper, and glue rusted things together and sketch... breath...and now it is all about getting ready for Diane Stemper's bookmaking workshop this weekend. Yup, Breathless in Seattle, more specifically, Edgewood. It is simply craziness here. Oh, check out my new press (sitting on the chair) - it's a handmade tortilla press and it works great for foam printing. The maker of it is probably still scratching his head wondering again "what was it she said she was going to do with it?"