Friday, April 27, 2012

Play, serious work in disguise

I have been working on artist statements for two weeks now. What was originally done in play has now turned serious. I have had to provide meaning, my meaning, to explain what and why I did what I did. I have no idea, the muse made me do it! I could have easily written the muse did it in all three boxes on the Book Arts exhibition form. That would not be lying, but somehow I knew they wanted more and that it also needed to be spelled correctly, and grammatically correct and the words used in their proper form. Double ding dang, I love to make up words and on occassion use them incorrectly. I mean Sara Palin gets away with it. Why can't I?

So, yes, the little kindergarten artist in the wildly splattered painter's smock in me has been kicked out of the kindergarten room and sent to first grade class, to sit at a desk and write. However, I still need to play! Giggle, now that I am in first grade - I can use a knife, right? Below - the latest play with the muse.

You know all the storm damage we had this year? Yeah, I am whittling away at it -giggle- one paint brush at a time. The willow is a dream to carve. Maybe my muse and I will make some paper made out of the bark too and maybe some more figures, and maybe some more books and made a couple of gates for the garden and....

Friday, April 13, 2012


Springtime is a sketch done with
 liquid pencil, watercolors and walnut ink. 
It was oversized and didn't fit well
into the printer so I photographed it.
Even still there is shadowing. A bit frustrating...

  Harrump... so, I might as well play
with it in Photoshop... 'cut out' was the first filter.

And then posterization.
 I quite liked the way the edge looks along the long arc.
Seeing my own excitement made me realize how important it is to my well being
to play for just a little while at the start of each day.
Of course some days I get so engrossed I make myself late to work,
but other days just a little play puts that needed smile on my face
 and the work day can begin.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pink Moon for Easter

A Pink Moon sets on Easter morn.

A death has been foretold for this holiday...
despite our efforts to wish it away.
Judy, may your passing be soft as a pink moon.