Friday, April 13, 2012


Springtime is a sketch done with
 liquid pencil, watercolors and walnut ink. 
It was oversized and didn't fit well
into the printer so I photographed it.
Even still there is shadowing. A bit frustrating...

  Harrump... so, I might as well play
with it in Photoshop... 'cut out' was the first filter.

And then posterization.
 I quite liked the way the edge looks along the long arc.
Seeing my own excitement made me realize how important it is to my well being
to play for just a little while at the start of each day.
Of course some days I get so engrossed I make myself late to work,
but other days just a little play puts that needed smile on my face
 and the work day can begin.


  1. wow - love it - keep playing- hugs BS

  2. I love it too! And I love your blog header very much also.

  3. Aw gee, thanks. I appreciate you both stopping by and the words of encouragement.
    Marsha, I love your high struttling grackle.