Monday, August 26, 2013

Adventure is Out There!

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go. Look out world here we come. We will be gone for almost a month. Yup, recent events have made us realize it is important to start checking things off our own "lists" and stop postponing or procrastinating.
I hope to be recording and drawing all along the way. Here are my travel essentials:
watercolor journal, writing journal, watercolors and water brush, colored pencils, 2 "flight" pens, click pencil, grease pen, sharpie, and a tiny pair of scissors.

This week on the way from my studio back to the house I saw this little tiny feather laying on the trail. Oh, delight! I love black and white feathers! It was only when I got up close did I see the little heart. How special is that! Who would have known that not only do flickers have spectacular orange and black striped feathers but also ones decorated with hearts. I am so glad we keep the suet feeders filled - even in summer.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fell off the turnip truck

Yes, it is true... I fell off the turnip truck and have only now made my way back to the funny farm.
July, with its three planet retrograde was unbelievable. Nothing was moving forward. Did you notice it too? Thank goodness August has opened up and things are back on track. Not that any serious art is being made - it is way to pleasant out to be inside, plus there are farm chores to be done. Maybe making and painting our new gate counts as 'art'? It is unbelievably bright. Well, the paint was free and I wanted it to be different. It surely is.

Time to get back to the chores.