Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Abounding opportunities!
It has been a busy month since I last wrote. Once a week there was rowing on the Verite and rowing in Tacoma's first Moon Festival.There was a hike to Burroughs Mtn. on the Sunrise side of Mt Rainier, kayaking twice, and we went to Port Townsend for a night on the town. And that was just in my spare time outside of work. In addition I have been to Seattle for, what I believe was a first time in Seattle, a project called "Zerolandfill." Yes, giggle, I brought home a box load of fabric samples and odd bits of this and that... but it was FREE! Wow! when architects clean out! I have already made something with one swatch. Okay, so I don't have any clue how I am going to use it all but then maybe I will trick or treat with it. You know, ring the door bell of someone who I know crafts, and then run like the dickens down the street. It could be dangerous - with bifocals and 2 left feet.

I also have been preparing for a sale called Paper Trails at King's Books in Tacoma on Oct 13. It started off with just desire to sell our Verite cards, then it grew into adding a few of my own things (a couple of books, some prints, and photographs). As you can see it morphed into something bigger. Next I needed a stand and now it is all about the display part. This is how it should look if all goes well. I have 3 feet in which to 'do my thing.' Regardless it is all about opportunity and zen. A perfect time to practice being in the moment of quiet surrender of what will be.

Verite is the gig I row on - she's a beauty.
Here's our blogspot telling all about her.

See the stack of fabric? Silks, wools, leatherettes - all the cast off's of Seattle's best.
 Add a little rusted paper and you have a book.
Check this out:

I don't know how the forces of metal, vinegar, salt and tea bags made that sweet little heart,
but I am taking it as a good sign.


  1. october is always SO busy. nice to check in!

  2. Love your books and your set up - looks very pro - good job - like the shelves - must try to create similar to go with my easel for necklaces. Great chatting today - sent you my rusted paper photos - enjoy, hugs, BS