Saturday, September 22, 2012

International Day of Peace

Let there be Peace across the world.
Let it be soon, if it can't be now.
If it can't be soon, let us find out whats connects us and focus on that 
rather than what divides us and makes us different.
Take a breath,
Allow peace to flow into that space. 
unlike hate has to be grown.
Plant a seed.
Make a wish.
My wish is for peace.
Make a flag, hang it high.
Remind others peace is an option.
A choice.

The peacemakers of the world need all the helpers they can get. Mine is Miss Frizz.


  1. this is lovely (especially with the addition of the calico cat!)

  2. I agree, this is lovely. I saw this quote on a blog the other day and thought, yes, I could do that..."I have made up my mind that in my final season of life I am going to be an encourager." And now I will add a peacemaker. Beautiful photos.