Monday, April 21, 2014

Post linoleum study

It has been an exciting art making month. I took a book making class with Mitzi Lindgren, one of our local Puget Sound Book artist; a carving linoleum class with Chandler O'Leary, Tacoma, WA illustrator and printer, and attended a Play Day with Puget Sound Book Arts on Simple Sew Structures.

I also completed Crow, Rock and Kelp, and Barnacle Rock linoleum blocks. This past week I finished the block which is my tribute to William Evans of Eaton. The image is from his painting of Spanish Arch, Galway Ireland 1838. I wanted it to be my final project in my self directed coursework for linoleum printing. While I didn't expect to master the skill of linoleum printing with this limited number of designs, I was hoping I would feel more comfortable with the process. The more blocks I worked the more variables popped up. I've started a list of variables I have stumbled through that I should consider BEFORE I start cutting, but the shear number of them is mind numbing. It has been very easy to become discouraged. Since I am not only the student but also the course instructor, I almost lost myself to discouragement. What we needed was an in house student motivator! So, talking head #3 suggested - it is probably time to take a deep breath, work in the garden or go in a new direction of learning.  I (me- the student) chose the later. "She", my instructor suggested I researched collagraphy on-line which I (me- the student did). My matt board collagraph is drying as she (is that me, she, myself or I?  I don't know, I am getting confused!) writes this. What ever! Here's my tower of Babel where confusion reigns, variables multiply and success is elusive.

 2 different types of paper - sob...yes, paper is one of the variables!

I am off to see what I can do with this collagraph. Cross your fingers.


  1. Thanks Connie. On to collagraphs. Wow! They are fun!

  2. These are wonderful...makes me miss my printmaking days...