Friday, May 2, 2014

Snippets in dry point

In mid April I took a needed break from course work on my linoleum reduction printing. I was getting frustrated.  So, I redirected my studio time to dry point printing. This time I set myself a goal... to make a book with several images. It always starts off so innocently, doesn't it? I limited myself to 1" x 3" disposable scientific slides and one color - Charbonnel Prussian blue (I love that color!)  I stayed with a vertical format for the final project even though I tried doing a couple horizontal designs. Here's what I came up with - 30 prints later. (Some obviously didn't make the cut.) I call the book Snippets.


They are soft and tender looking. I printed the images on Kozo paper, mounted them on Copper Plate (the accordion book part), and the folder is Cason 120lb watercolor paper. It was a nice diversion from the lino love - hate thing.

All calmed down I thought I would attempt the reduction printing again. But it happened again. I just don't know what's going on, but about the 4th color... my mind turns to mush. Is this the positive or the negative? Do I cut this or keep this? I feel lucky to get anything in the end of what is usually a two all day effort. I call it Verite Tea Cup. Verite is a lovely 38 foot Admiral's Gig.

But the good news is my little nest is feathered with prints and paper,
 presses and ink... and I am out there most every day.

See the lovely sheer apron I found at the Goodwill (the store I go to sells stuff by the lb.)
Oh, if only this wispy white cloth could tell me where it has been.



  1. Amazing beautiful work.It just feels so good to spend time in the studio. g.a.s.

  2. Awesome work as always, Jan! Your studio is sublime, and I love your print drying solution! xo

  3. Your studio is beautiful, what a wonderful place to sit and create!

  4. Thank you dear ladies for your continued encouragement.