Sunday, April 6, 2014

Doing the Time

For the last week or so I have been do'in the time. The goal was to make multiple colored reduction prints.  Thank goodness for the many wonderful artists on-line who share their process, struggles and methods. A special thanks and shout out go out to:
Laura Boswell ( ,
Sherrie York (
and Lynette Weir (
All three share their printing knowledge so willingly.
Reading their blogs reminded me that if I want to improve my prints I have to do the "time".

Here's me "doin' the time." With each new block, a new set of struggles developed. These are not intended to be anything other than school work.

March 25: so many variables, so little understanding
March 27 - learned about stencils, built a registration jig and learned that less is more
April 1 -  Be open to changes, tried adding another variable with different papers, built a drying rack.
April 4 - Total immersion really helps, 25 prints - 6 colors later:

Photoshop images, tracing paper, sumi inked print.

Of course, I already can see what went wrong.
I just hope I can keep going. There's so much more to learn.


  1. Reduction printing is not definitely need that jig. I love what you are producing.

  2. I love the birds nest...nice job!