Monday, March 12, 2012

If the trees could talk

My latest project...
I matched my desire to memorialize some of our many trees which had to be cut down or limbed as a result of this past winter's ice storm and my need to make more books. These are blank books made with handmade paper (recycled old tax and household records - no doubt wood fiber.) This collection would be perfect for a display as I want a stick figure (also a branch) to tell a bit of the story.


  1. Love this idea. I can so see those pages full of tangles. Can't wait to see them full. g.a.s.

  2. what fun! perhaps a little heavy for holding on one's lap for an evening's read :-) I love that you are remembering your fallen trees in such a creative way! They look like accordians to me.

    Now I bet you'll have some really interesting things to fill them with.

  3. Thanks. I am not sure what to put in them or if I will add anything... the indicision of it all.