Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruffled petticoates

He noticed me looking intently at my new creation. I was trying to figure out what it was about the ruffled multi toned paper hanging over the edge of the crusty wood round that made me smile. There was something about the way the light grabbed each ruffled edge. I pondered and drifted away in thought. It sort of looked like a little girl's petticoat, formerly crisp white and full of bounce but now aged and discolored from years of being in an old box in the attic. Waiting for the child to come back, whispered a familiar voice in my head, yes, there in the back of the closet in the black dress box...

I was snapped back into the present when 'he' said it looked like a hamburger. Oh, my word... why do I even try to discuss these things with him? I looked again at my new creation, well, it does kind of look like a hamburger with the lettuce hanging out - if you had been marooned on an island with no hope of rescue!  Just like him to always be thinking of food, but then again... he had just come home and expected dinner to be ready. My bad... it was not.

I doubt if I can even photograph the details of which I am so desperately trying to describe. I am sure it is 'just a me' sort of thing, but that is okay.

Maybe it is shelf fungus sticking out from the tree, maybe that is what I see?

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