Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I know, I know... what I am about to share isn't really rust.  Purists would call it 'corrosion.' My first rust book was just called Rust, but for this book in a box I like the idea of calling it 'Rusted.' And when you say "Rusted" you need to kind of go inside yourself and find your grrrrs, then curl your lips into a bit of a snarl and let the word rip right out of your mouth. I present to you -rrrrrr- "RUSTED!"

 Some folks see things in the abstract forms... now that I have had them pointed out I see them all the time. So, my question is - how much rust can you get out of a metal washer? I hope I haven't used it all up because I am not done experimenting yet. The watercolor paper covered with rust, dyed with tea bags covered with beeswax, the unexpected and unpredicatable results... I'm in heaven... or perhaps this heady feeling is from the vinegar fumes mixed with the smoking beeswax?


  1. This is beautiful. Some days I don't have to go too far inside to find my inner grrr--this morning, I think I did your title justice!

  2. HI Jan,
    I found your work in the gallery at milliande and absolutely love it and this blog!
    Not to mention I'm a zenjan and also completely enthralled with crows!

    Good to meet you on this blog and looking forward to carry forward the connection.
    I do fabric art, have done a little rusting on fabric but can use any info, Even in the Pacific Northwest it seems mine dries (after wrapping vinegar-soaked fabric around the rustiness) before much happens.
    You can see me here: www.zenjan.com and here: www.zenjan.weebly.com

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh Jan, This is absolutely yummy, if rust can be that! Your box cover design makes an inspiring quilt-like look. Yea for rust!

  4. What an amazing effect! I LOVE this! Wonderful work! I could look at these photos whole day!