Tuesday, January 31, 2012


P.D. Crumbaker recently shared that my last post gave her an idea for a project she wants to do in her community. I thought I would share a project I coordinated in my community. The publication, "I am Clarks Creek,  was the final product of a collaboration between Puyallup Watershed Council,  Puyallup School District, Washington State University, Master Gardeners and Conservation District, the National Park Service, WA State Dept of Ecology and 2 very talented artists Jackie Brookner and Susan Leibovitz Steinman. The students who lived in close proximity to Clarks Creek met in their classroom with representatives from the  Conservation District to learn about the creek and how to be a good neighbor to the Creek.  The following week they met with scientists and conservationist for a field trip to the creek and surrounding watershed to learn about the resources and ecology of the creek. Students then participated in various art projects and journaled what it meant to be a good neighbor to the creek. Susan and Jackie then selected choice pieces to illustrate this book.  The books were then distributed to the community members who lived along the Creek and sent copies to all the school libraries in the Puyallup School District.  

The second book is one of my very favorites - "Wetlands" written and illustrated by Nikki McClure, a well known artist from Oregon. I love the woodcut/ speedy cut look of the illustrations! Hope this  further inspires you P.D.


  1. Yes, ma'am, I am truly inspired! These are wonderful projects.

  2. My I have your permission to use images of one of your personal books and the Lake Clark book (fully attributed) in a presentation package I am putting together in connection with my living library project?