Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On a Winter's Day

A book to remember the winter storm of 2012.  It is called "On a Winter's Day."

The hand dipped paper made from shredded records and tax statements
is soft, rather thick with flecks of its past.
The 20 images printed on the deckled pages
 are muted by the texture.
It is as if you are looking out into the snowstorm itself.
A poem by Robert Frost - Dust of Snow
graces the second page and my story is at the end.
 A sea grass binding holds the single sheets together.  


  1. You are brilliant - and I'm not the least bit predjudiced in this regard - okay I fudge a bit on the other stuff but in your art and your eye that you share with us through your lens - you are brilliant!!! I love the winter book - I miss SNOW - we can't even conjur up enough rain this season let alone snow!!All of your recent posts are so beautiful - thanks for sharing - hugs a

  2. Hi. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm working on a "living library" community collaborative project in 2012 and was trying to decide what sort of art project a community of all ages could participate in. Your lovel books memoralizing a day or an event have made my decision for me. The project revolves around a small lake in our community that has figured in the memories of a lot of people over the decades and still serves as a community gathering place. And so, artist books: Memories of Lake Ella or A Day at Lake Ella. Can't wait to get everyone jumpstarted!