Thursday, April 28, 2011

With a Mother's Encouragement

With a Mother’s encouragement I hit “publish.” The voice was astral but the message was clear. She believed I should write a children’s book. She thought it should be about my little farm and all the antics that went on here. What she doesn’t know (or maybe she does) it turned out to be about her farm and not mine. All those years and a life passed because I thought the book had to meet certain criteria - be the best, become known, be perfect. All of that ego process got in my way of the doing, that is, until a little girl, Juniper, was born. Then, none of that mattered. I just wanted to share with her the stories about my mother. So, there won’t be any book signing. I don’t need to worry or stress about the photograph for the inside cover. I will still have my quiet life. I will still be able to wear my bathrobe to my studio. And, when I bring the one book home from Costco in a week‘s time I will make tea. I will read the book aloud to my astral mother, shed a few tears because she isn’t here and then I will root around for the prettiest tissue paper and wrap that book up for little Juniper.
Happy Mother’s Day Great Grandma OO

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