Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild Hairs

I stared down at my locks after my haircut on Friday.  The way the little bundles of hair curved to a point reminded me of something.  Oh, it was like my favorite sable paint brush!  I know of wolf, rabbit and weasel hair paint brushes used for sumi-e painting & calligraphy, but never human hair paint brushes.  I picked up a little bundle of curls. I stroked the cut end. It was blunt and sharp. I stroked the other end and found it surprisingly soft. Before you know it I scrounged a chopstick out of my supplies. Unable to find any bendable metal in the stash I opted for black duct tape. I mean, why not? It was just an experiment. I spotted some strong button thread to dress it up a bit. A little trim to the hair and wow, it almost looked like a paint brush. The experimenting continued with black ink, walnut ink and some Indian yellow Radiant watercolor on watercolor paper. This was wonderful - if I ever should be stuck on some tropical island without my art supplies.

This Wild Hair thing 
 is probably the lunacy that comes with constant rain.
It rained all March.
Not to be confused with the rain of the winter season
October, November, December, January and February.
No, this has been different. 
And now that it is April -  
Rain is predicted for all this next week!
 I feel a little  trapped in this underwater world.
Can you see me?
Send me your sun, please.



  1. Sun is on the way - what little we have here I'll share with you. Kim and kids off to snowboarding
    tomorrow - back for her tests on Wed. then surgery Fri - me - its work, work.

  2. Jan, I love this post! I just had a bit over 14" of hair cut off. Maybe I'll trim a little from the ends before I mail my shorn locks off to Locks of Love and experiment!

  3. Yippee! This is so cool, and I love the brush, you very own sumi me, that tickled me no end the other day. I still haven't started my blog, I've been to 2 life drawings and a painting class in the last 2 days. I'll message you when I get it done.

  4. Now why didn't I think of that? Great effects too :-)
    Wish I could send you some sunshine.

  5. Oh... such beautiful words, and photographs... I will love visiting you on your artistic path. It is the best path, I think, in the world. roxanne

  6. OMG, what a fabulous idea. Your painting did definitely look a bit scray. It had a horror film feel to it from my perspective and I loved it. Human hair paintbrushes, what a fascinating idea.
    Loved the water droplets pic and yes I did see you. Our weather has been unusually cold and rainy this Spring too. If we get any sunshine I will try to be kind and send some your way. LOL!!
    Keep experimenting!!!!!!