Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Nudge

You know… one those gentle little pushes or joking shoves to move you off base? Usually they are given to you by a loved one or friend who knows you intimately and knows you really need it. Perhaps you have been too serious or have become too rigid in your thinking? Well, I have been getting quite a few nudges lately. When I turn around to see who is giving me this push and encouraging me in a new direction I don’t seen anyone. Humm…. Now isn’t that’s curious?
Who are these nudgers? ( forgive me Webster, I do love to make up words)
I started listening very carefully to the “voice.” In the daytime it is barely audible but it is often accompanied with a big nudge. When met with resistance and excuse making, solutions are given by the nudger. At night time the voice can be so loud that it wakes me from a sound sleep. Isn’t that weird? But worse yet - I have come to the conclusion my nudgers don’t appear to be from the living world.

My latest ‘push me out of a warm bed’ nudge came from a voice I recognized. It was a sweet voice with an encouraging refrain…. “you can do it.” It was the voice of my mother, a year and a half gone from this earth. I dutifully got up and continued working on the project I had been working on all evening. (She and I are working on a project for my new grandbaby, Juniper.) I have had doubts about my part of the scheme. The more I resist, the more she nudges.

She isn’t the only one nudging me and I wish “they” would get organized so I could finish something. I mean I am not a juggler by nature and like to do one thing at a time. But no, said this little girl voice. Oh, her! If she wasn’t so cute I wouldn’t listen. She’s the one who keeps making me draw little gnomes and ink drawings that are whimsical. I can’t help if they aren’t very good. (She has a harder time explaining to me what she wants sometimes. She‘s only about 8 years old, I think.)
I am still puzzling over whose bright idea it was to save tea bags for over a month to create a little book with the tea bag papers? Will the nudger please step forward? So far, I only hear giggling. I will have to get back to you on that one’s identity. Till then here’s an “ in-progress picture.”

I do know one thing - the more I give up ownership, the more creative they become. They are risk takers. I have had to adjust for that. I have been practicing my shrug. This also helps the sore shoulders from working all night!
I say, let’s celebrate our nudgers be they living or dead.
Earl grey or would do you rather
a chocolate coffee nudge?

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