Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New books to share

It has been a busy few months. I have been stitching all of January and February. I have already shared the results of January's stitching in the previous post.

 Now it is time to share about the latest project - it was a my first big collaboration and my first attempt at video taping to share about a book.

 I have rowed on a gig called Verite for twenty years with women that call themselves the WOWers (Women on the Water). This year word came out about a book arts show that focused on stitching. Without a backward glance we jumped on it. Well, what else could we do - it was the coldest and snowiest winter in years. We couldn't row! Or even pull the boat out to do the normal maintenance. So we stitched. I did a little more - but only because I am so gobsmacked about this boat. She is freedom fashioned out of wood.

This is the collaboration with the WOWers: 

Women on the Water

This is my book - Make Way Together Verite

The materials: cotton cloth, embroidery floss, Melton wool and mat board.

The Melton wool is exactly the same as used in the Sea Scout wool uniforms.
 A few of us took some old wool uniforms and made them into other things. 
It was so nice to work with we felt it was perfect for this project. 
It has such a nice hand to it. 
The mat board fits is sandwiched in between the two layers of wool. 
It gives the structure necessary for the book to stand up, 
but it can be removed and the book 
then becomes soft in the hand and almost cuddly. 
If that makes sense. 

The next part of the project...
A soft cover paperback book has been created for each participant. 
Then if we sell the book, I mean we could if we wanted to use it as a fundraiser, 
or we could just pass it around, but in the meantime 
everyone will have their own paper version of the book. 
The books should arrive on the 1st of April. 
I hope that isn't a joke and I pray all went well with the printing
 and there are no surprises for publishing a book was a first too. 
Great fun... what a great bunch of women. 

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