Monday, October 29, 2018

Mist on the Moors

After a month of travel we are home, home just in time to witness the mist and fog wrapping itself around us. The spider webs dripping with dew have been strung with care. Usually to catch those unaware. The colorful leaves here in the NW have almost rivaled those of New England. One might ask how many leaves did I collect on the trip?  Lots!  I put them in an old phone book while traveling and into the book press when I got home. I tried to record the location of each batch. They will make good stencils for future artistic efforts.

My trip was all about going home to my childhood home, 
to the place I went to college and to see family and friends. 
My college friend was so welcoming I had to make a thank you book.
It was composed of photos from our walk on her property. 
It was one of those perfect moments in time. 
The fungi were scattered through the forest. It was like a treasure hunt. 
The leaves on the trees were a blaze of color. 
The temperature of the later afternoon was like crisp apples. 

The amate paper I used for the book cover pleasingly 
looks like it came from the earth. 

I love the accordion book technique. 
The twenty one images each have their own space. 
Make it into a star or stretch it out or double it up. Great variety. 

Back at home we discovered this bad boy of a web had 
taken over the covered area. 
This wasn't your typical web... definitely not made by a garden spider.
Perhaps something  more sinister... with long black legs? 

October is a time - they say - when the veil of death is thin.
This poor little chap met with an unfortunate death. Cause unknown.

To every season there comes a purpose and a special beauty. 
My purpose is to collect colorful leaves and enjoy their beauty. 
Hope you find the purpose and beauty too.

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