Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saint Gobnait and birds of the forest

Feast or famine, is it? The muse has been keeping me really, really busy. Can you hear the snap in her voice? "Do this instead," she shouted at me this past week. She said only a fool would be out in this weather. The first clue was seeing the over full pond running down the driveway. The second clue - 60 mph winds snapping branches in the firs left and right, which confirmed she was right. So, she and I played. Rather she played - that muse has more ideas than a dog has fleas and I worked like a dog to produce them (projects not fleas!).

The first one is called: The Blessing of Bees
Or at least that is what is called right at this moment. I am not quite done with it yet. Actually this apple wood carving is of Saint Gobnait, an Irish saint who saved her village with the help of bees. I intend to make a book to go with her, muse willing, to share her hagiography. (Hagiography is the biography of saints and spiritual leaders). Her frilly skirt is made from men's handkerchiefs that have been dyed with iron, tea, vinegar, salt and frozen leaves and flowers. I did some stitching and painted some sumi ink designs on them too. I hope Gobnait will come fully into her own... she may have some interesting things to share with us.

My second project, just started yesterday is a flag book.
Current title is "My heart sings to hear you singing."
Maybe there are too many 'sings' in it? Hummm... I will have to ponder.
I attended a Play Date with the Puget Sound Book Artists on the 5th of Feb
to learn how to make several styles of flag books.
It was great fun.
Of course they didn't show us how to do the flags made of wire.
That may or may not be something that is viable. Time will tell.
Keep in mind this project isn't done yet, but life is strange.
I share now, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.
It has been such a roller coaster ride this past year.
I am reminded to be present every day and
when the little bird sings one should notice, right?
So, twang away little birdies, twang away, is what I say.

Solitary vireo, black-capped chickadee, winter wren, bushtit, Oregon junco, ruby-crowned kinglet. Just a fraction of the birds that entertain us at the feeders.
Maybe I should make a sequel so all might be included?
Hang on, I will go ask the muse.
Apparently, she is 'driving the car', if you know what I mean.


  1. I so know what you mean that muse.When they get on a roll look out she shall take you all the way down the hill and what a ride it is.I wish I could produce as fast as her ideas do. g.a..s.

  2. May the muse be with us and may we always have the strength to keep up with her!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hopefully my spring cleaning and make over in the kitchen will come out too.