Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Tea Party

A few days ago we had a little skiff of snow. It was lovely.
Little feet left their marks.

Neighborhood children had time to make a snowman - school 2 hours late.

My little studio looked so festive with a coating of snow.
Giggle, and the tiny woodstove covered by the umbrella.
Giggle, isn't it funny?
The week before I discovered the stove while root'in around in the barn
for the outdoor Christmas decorations.
What a hoot!
I found a piece of leftover chimney up in the rafters and
 soon the old stove was hot'in up the tea pot.
Join me if you will!
I will stoke up the wood stove and put on the teapot.
Wrapped yourself in bright woolen blanket,
let your legs dangling over the edge of my big veranda.
We will celebrate the season with a cup of good cheer.

1 comment:

  1. Now that things have quieted down around here.I will be over shortly for a cup of good cheer.We will sit on the veranda wrapped warm and tight.Looking back on a year filled with challenges and delights.Have a happy holiday season.May the New Year bring you many art filled days and nights.Take Care g.a.s.