Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February into March

February's madness has trickled into March. In between nursing duties for grandpa, blocking and leveling my little studio, and working I somehow completed my latest book "The Return" in time to enter it into the Puget Sound Book Arts Member Show on March 1. Artist statements of less than 600 characters just about killed me. Really, talk about "stifle yourself, Edith." I should know by the 15th if my entries (Cattail, Curl of Bark and The Return) have made it into the show.  The Return is all about the red-winged blackbirds. It includes a poem, has handmade fun foam stamps, some information about blackbirds, the Beatles song written across the back and some real sticks.

With March frogs singing, a new book can't be far behind. After all March has always been known for it's madness!


  1. I clicked on the link to your block, and immediately felt a physical response. How wonder-ful this is!

  2. Thank you both.I find making books to be exciting now that they can be anything one imagines.