Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sea glass

Chaos theory scientists call it bifurcation of homeostasis. I call it - getting up after you have fallen on your ass. These last two weeks have been pure chaos. With baby steps I can feel the pendulum swinging back the other way - back toward normalcy but sadly we aren't there yet. This, on my first day back in the studio, I just sit - exhausted. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shell filled with sea glass. Polished and unpolished there together. Oh...I see how it is. If you want to be polished and smooth you have to be tumbled around by the turbulent waters and rocky shores. That is certainly what it has felt like! Hopefully we have all been polished enough by this latest event. With luck on my side you may see me stretched out on some beach all smooth and round and wearing green. Somebody else can be the unfinished blue sea glass.


  1. The thing about life is that when one of us is being tumbled others are keeping you in mind and wishing the smoothness to appear and reappear very quickly... take care

  2. ah pure chaos ..i am remembering to submerge myself into the flow to be polished too :-) I hear you :-) ...milliande

  3. I love your recent postings sweetie - you have such a gift for words and you know I love - You are my sunshine - your photographs are amazing and so touchable. I know about tumbling - it is usually I who is doing the tumbling - I think most of my rough edges are almost worn off- sometimes the buffeting around is very pleasant - just let go I say to myself - go with the flow - follow Jan - smile XXOO