Thursday, January 12, 2017

A new year

Where to start?
It has been such a long time since my last post. Frankly I have been too upset, too dispirited to do much. It has been hard to concentrate on anything else but the state of the union. I have managed to put the drama aside and make a few books for others.

I used the Tim Ely Drum-leaf method. That makes 17 journals/sketchbooks so far using his technique. He suggested we challenge ourselves to make at least 20 in the first year after his class. I do believe I am going to reach that goal too.

These travel journals are 4.5" x 5.75"  They fit nicely in the hand and in the lap. For two of the journals I put in two long sheets of watercolor paper folded such that it opens out for two landscape drawings.

The top journal was printed using my handmade rock stamp and over-painted with earth pigments. The Asian covers were images taken off line, but the others are my own photographic images.

I hope they bring pleasure to the recipients.

the backside...

Looking ahead... this year's Puget Sound Book Artist exhibition is themed - "Musings on the Northwest". I may have to go into serious isolation so my spirit may rise for the opportunity. 

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  1. Beautiful journals! As far as the nation goes, let's at least be glad we live on the politically-blue West Coast. And thank god for states' rights -- we might have a fighting chance in CA, WA, OR, and NV. My strategy is to stay away from anything newsy. I'd be continually depressed otherwise.
    Happy New Year, Jan. May this be a creative, productive year for you regardless of what's going on in the outside world.