Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter's Solstice

Father Sun, Mother Earth...
the season ebbs and flow around me in mysterious ways.

Winter Tide
A warm wind howled through the trees this day.  I looked up to see a murder of crows flowing on waves of wind, each darkling darting, dancing, and roaming free. My spirit soared skyward for a few brief minutes till a gust swayed me as if I were a tree.  It would have been hard for even the most distracted to not notice something was different about this winter tide day. Many will embrace the balminess and call it good. I will call it a new becoming and exclude judgment.
I still wish for a winter like those of my childhood. The ones where all motion stops. It is only then do you hear the silence nature offers. It is the kind of silence that restores one's soul. Instead I will use other artificial methods - mood music while staring into the open flame of candles or fire to find the space in between all the busyness.
I wish for you the restorative feelings that come from nestling down deep. I imagine a little hole deep in the earth. It is lined with sweet grass and bunny down. It would smell sweet of earth and grass. It would be warm and toasty too.  We would hunker down and tell storiesfor it is the time of remembering and releasing all that has built up over the year. Can you see the white of a new clean piece of paper? A new page on which to write our dreams.
Happy dreaming.

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