Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have been on duty since April 26 managing healthcare decisions for dad. I have gotten an eye full of the medical world, Alzheimer's, lawyers and brokers. It is a world unto its own. There are no patterns of comfort, routine, or status quo. To participate in this unique world one must be "in the moment" at all times. The good part is every day will be different. The bad part is every day will be different.

So...even though my farm chores aren't done a respite seemed much more important. Getting out into nature I was sure would be the balm to soothe and restore me. I was right. Destination: Nisqually Wildlife Reserve

Just off the parking area - two young ones


And within a few more feet we saw our first wings:

and then something so precious and delicate
on it's first walk about
 bobbing for salmonberries...


The day was 68 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze... it just doesn't get better!

A male towhee was just one of the many singing the praises of the day.


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