Saturday, August 11, 2012

Split Rock Book of Hearts

Last week as I continued on my 'outdoor project' I discovered a midden under the blackberry forest of canes. Bare ground exposed the charred ashes, soil and blackened rocks amongst the remnants of a tree stump and blackberry roots. There were little glass bottles of various shapes and sizes dating back to the 50 -60's and a soot encrusted porcelain figure about 2 inches high. The red paint on the English soldier's frock only visible in one spot. It was there in the ruins I found it. A split rock. I know, it is kind of funny for someone to be thrilled over a split rock, but I have thought of them as treasure for as long as I can remember. Immediately a lunch break was called, split rock was brought in for a rinsing. The delightful darkened color of soot and ash sadly rinsed away but the rock was firm and good, fitting in the hand perfectly. Soon split rock was sitting in a place of importance next to highly regarded heart rocks. Well, that is how the story began and this is how it ended:

It almost appears as if Split Rock has snatched up the little Heart book, doesn't it? Split rock makes a perfect easel for display purposes. The book is made of handmade cotton and cattail fluff paper printed with 12 of my photographs of heart rocks in 'situ' (on location). Little beads and heart title were made of the left-over printed handmade paper as was the sit-upon. Gluing the handmade paper together for the sit-upon was great fun for the fibers knitted together so nicely. Crusty leaf... well, he is just a camera ham, but matches split rock so nicely, who could say no.


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    1. Thanks Connie. I sm hoping for more opportunities to make more.

  2. This is beautiful, perfect match. As if they were waiting for you to put them back together!! They obviously knew each other in another life. Split Rock and Heart Rock reunited. I rarely have time to comment but this little story I had to pay my respects. I love your work Jan. I am slowly building up the courage to start creating art and blog about it. It is so nice to see the work of others. Light & Love Diane.

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  4. Thank you so much Diane. I am happy to hear it sparked your interest and maybe encouraged you to blog about it. The nice part about blogging is that you can sometimes find a network of people who appreciate your work and can share similar techniques. Sometimes we don't have those people in our daily lives. Husbands often think we are asking trick questions when we ask what they think about our art. Sometimes they are too blunt and that causes unnecessary upset. Giggle. I am slowly realizing mine can't give me the feedback I desire so I have had to search elsewhere. I wish you luck as you find your niche and share your artful expressions.