Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snapped 1 & 2

Hot off the press (actually off my desk printer). "Snapped" Book 1 (vertical) and Book 2 (horizontal)  are filled with snapshots around, on or in Puget Sound. I made this an environmental challenge and used up-cycled materials for the structure of the 'books' that would have been part of the waste stream. A waistband from a pair of snap jeans holds the two books together. I did a bit of stitchery on it - waves, a sailboat and so on. The accordion construction allows the books to be put into many configurations - in other words it is fun to play with. Yet, the whole time I was making the books I wanted to add some RUSTED  paper or something crusty! The need was so strong I had to quickly make another book to please the muse.
I call this one Making Marks.  I used a crushed and rusted bottle cap for the button and pop can metal for the front and back cover and of course the rusted, tea dyed watercolor paper on the inside. When photographing it I enjoyed the holes and deep rickrack shadows. Turn the whole works sideways and you have a window shade, hummmm.... what could I do with that notion? Thinking, thinking....

" Making Marks"


  1. I am especially drawn to the tea dyed accordian book. love the button. there is a great little video on a guy drawing with tea that a friend just sent me. You might like it.