Friday, December 2, 2011

I got it!

Braving flying branches, the water spout right behind me on the lake,
and a thoroughly strange adventure...
I got the cattail I was going after!

Since Thanksgiving every time I am seen wearing an apron in the kitchen
my husband thinks he is going to get some home baked cookies.
After all, it is the season.
Imagine his dismay when he finds me hunkered over a kettle time and time again,
spoon in hand, steam rising like a thunderhead column. 
And then there's the smell, like a sick wet cat, that has permeated the house.
This past week he finally spoke -
 "Those aren't cookies! and the house doesn't smell good either!"
No, honey, you're right! This is paper! Cattail paper!
I was going to say something more... but then
I got the Mr. Grinch look.
So, although I am having fun, I think I better start turning my attention to the season.

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