Monday, September 19, 2011

The Muse Took a Turn

 I was happily carving away on my speedy cut stamps making all manner of pods and seeds for printing on tea bags and handmade paper with the hopes it could become a book.  I was going to call it Seeds, Pods and Papavers. Actually I did call it that. It was almost to completetion when the muse ran through the studio giggling and laughing with excitement.  She excitedly showed me how to use the printer to put my photographs on my very own handmade paper as previously decribed in the last blog. Well, she totally twitterpaited me. See what more came of it:
The wood round on handmade paper is unbelievable to the touch.
What will become of these I have no idea,
but what I do know is... the Muse...
she totally bumped me off my carved stamp track.
Now, Seeds, Pods and Papavers, poor thing, waits for final approval.
It seems to need a little something more.
I loved carving the stamps, and printing them on the tea bags giving me that
luscious brown I love - especially as autumn draws near.
I was pleased that adding Golden Gel Medium over the back
didn't make it sticky like Modge Podge would have.
But there's just something about the light colored
 handmade paper printed sheets inside
that makes me pause.
And there's something about the back too
that needs a little more - hummm... but what?
And where is the Muse?
She's not helping at all!
She is off  printing more of my photographs on more handmade paper. 
This time the paper has cattail fluff in it. (Gorgeous, even if I do say so myself!) 

I have added some more tea bag pieces to the white areas on the back and cover since these pictures... mostly I am still waiting for the muse to return.
She will return, right?
If I am patient, right?


  1. you ARE going places with this, this..."coming together" of your practices. the accordion is quite good.

  2. Oh,my Jan, Your stamps are amazing. Just love this book and handmade paper. So special!

  3. I can't believe you printed your pictures on such paper! And your printer survived? I must do this. Your pictures of nature and your rubber stamps call out to me. Thank your sister, Ruth, for referring your blog to me.

  4. Yum! So many lovely images .... The printed images on hand made paper really got my attention, but LOVE your stamped pieces even more.

  5. Absolutely breathtaking!
    I adore the poppy pod stamp. I want to make one but can't find a photo of one that works well. Yet.

    I am so sorry to read of the loss of your sweet kitty cat. May you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

  6. Hello! I have looked over your web site and blog and found this question that has been bothering me for a while... How do you make your own stamps? Carving tools, linoleum or soft wood as the basis for your designs... Your work is so simple but gorgeous that you can actually see the object you have carved and then printed on paper as the real thing.
    I have been looking at the nature theme of Frida Kahlo's paintings and like the perspective of nature and man being liked by natural birth and death. The beauty of seasons, brings such a diverse growth and change in our yard that I understand how Kahlo and other artist, humanist, naturalist thrive on the very creation in front of man.
    You have a interesting blog. Thanks Mrs. ATK