Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feel our joy

Finally "Verite" is in the water. After a winter of scrubbing, sanding, painting, and oiling our beloved gig, Verite, is in the water. But she is full of water, you say. Yes, yes she is. She has been soaking for a week. Wooden boats have to swell, but one boat pump, one shop vac and a white bucket later she is ready to row.

Verite for me has become a metaphor for life. This handmade boat reminds me to paint life with a broad brush of many colors, attend to the little things above and below the surface, always take time for tea and little bites, and never miss the opportunity to surround yourself with positive, empowered women.

And to try new things - yummm... kelp snacks from Trader Joe's.

With the smell of the ocean in our noses and the sea in our mouths
- we chant -
Thea Foss! Thea Foss!
Let the boating season begin!

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